Case Studies - Avidly UK



Formerly known as Digital 22, Avidly UK started as a burgeoning inbound marketing agency in the North of England. This case study unveils our journey together, showcasing how we aided Avidly UK's evolution from a team of five to its merger with one of the world's largest HubSpot partner agencies.


Challenges Faced

A pivotal juncture arose when Avidly UK confronted a two-fold challenge. The impending maternity leave of their Finance Manager coincided with a merger that introduced novel processes.

This confluence necessitated a seamless transition and the assurance of accurate financial management. Recognising our role as a strategic partner, Avidly UK turned to Crisp Accountancy for guidance.



Our collaboration extended beyond conventional accounting services. We extended transactional support, managing bills and payroll, while also offering strategic counsel for pivotal decisions. The partnership's foundation was rooted in the ability of Crisp Accountancy to provide insightful advice that transcended immediate tasks, nurturing a bond of trust.

Avidly UK's evolution was marked by a transition from start-up dynamics to the integration into a global business. Over time, our partnership transformed to address these changing demands. Evolving processes and a more intricate reporting structure post-merger necessitated a recalibration of financial strategies, a role that Crisp Accountancy adeptly fulfilled.


Results and Outcomes

The partnership has thrived on mutual efficiency. Streamlining processes through automation and simplification have enabled both Avidly UK and Crisp Accountancy to navigate complexity seamlessly. A notable accomplishment was the division of the Profit and Loss (PnL) structure, which encompassed support for the burgeoning Canada business. This transition exemplified how Crisp Accountancy went beyond expectations, aiding Avidly UK's continued expansion.

Today, Avidly UK stands tall as a thriving global entity, boasting a workforce of over 200 employees spread across multiple countries. Our pride in contributing to this success story knows no bounds. Tom Barrett, Operations Manager at Avidly UK, encapsulated the sentiment, stating, "Working with Crisp Accountancy has been a real pleasure for us… their attention to detail, strategic guidance and proactive advice have been invaluable throughout our growth journey."



The Avidly UK-Crisp Accountancy partnership transcends the realm of traditional accounting services. It exemplifies the synergy between financial expertise and business ambition. From aiding a small inbound marketing agency to its merger with an industry giant, our journey together showcases the transformative power of collaboration.

Avidly UK's triumphs are a testament to their innovative spirit, coupled with Crisp Accountancy's unwavering dedication. As we look ahead, our shared commitment to growth and excellence remains, promising a successful future.