Why Crisp?

A personal, friendly accountancy service

Our Story

Our passion is your business

At Crisp Accountancy we thrive on helping businesses reach their full potential, allowing you to achieve your personal and company goals, making life simpler for everyone.

We support businesses so they have accurate up to date financial data, presented in a clear way to allow decisions to be made with confidence. We put your information in the palm of your hand - accessible anywhere so you can review on the train, in the office, on the beach or on the slopes.

For us, this is just the start though. We think you should be told if there’s an issue developing, rather than remembering to look (even if it is quick!). As a business your processes should be simple and we help with this too - starting from mundane tasks like logging receipts to looking at systems that tie in, simplify and support your business to work smarter.

As a business we’ve grown from a one-man band in the front room to a continuously growing practice. We’ve gone through many of the growing pains you’re experiencing, as have our clients, so are well placed to help!  

In the end, we want to provide a simple, straightforward and seamless service, like we always have, that gives your business a platform to succeed.

More than just accountants

How we benefit your business

Get to the heart of your needs You and your business are our priority. We build a clear picture of your goals, issues, experiences and expectations to make sure we’re able to support you to achieve success.
Make sure you're fighting fit With our free business health check, we’ll review how you’re currently doing and let you know of any improvements, problems or potential issues and help you resolve these.
Design and deliver a great solution Now that we know your business, we’ll provide an accountancy solution that works for you. We’ll make sure you’re in control of your company and be able to work on the go, whenever you need.
Provide up-to-the-minute information Our support provides so much more than accounts - data is meaningless if you can’t make use of it. We give you up-to-minute information, so you can make well-informed decisions and work with you to simplify your business and achieve your goals.

Meet the team

Luke Desmond

Group CEO/Founder

“I have a real passion for business, constantly looking at how I can improve my own businesses and sharing these insights with my clients. I am on a mission to improve the financial understanding of business owners.” Luke has the technical experience combined with a practical knowledge and experience of successfully growing businesses. Having set up and run the finance department of a company that experienced huge, rapid and profitable growth, Luke then took these skills and setup Crisp Contractor in 2013 and now Crisp Accountancy. A straight-talking, no-nonsense approach will help you achieve your business goals.

01707 247044 [email protected]

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