Are you paying too much tax?

Whether you're a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an individual seeking to maximize your tax efficiency, we have tailored options designed to fit your unique needs. Explore our three key offerings below and embark on your journey to smarter tax planning today.

Are you paying too much tax?

Uncover useful insights to help your business Save Tax

Our interactive Tax Efficiency Scorecard is the first step towards unlocking your tax-saving opportunities. In just a few minutes, answer a series of targeted questions and receive a personalized score that reflects how well you're leveraging tax-saving strategies in your business. Quick and easy assessment Personalized insights and recommendations Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes looking to understand their tax-saving performance

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Save Tax Business Review

Schedule an in-depth 1 hour Tax Review Session with one of our in-house accountants. You will receive a fully bespoke report and action plan that identifies all areas that you can potentially save tax within your business. Best of all, if we can't find you over £1500 of tax savings within the next 3 years we will refund you - no questions asked.

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We'll take a look at the following areas of your business

Strategic Planning

Understanding your long-term aims and aspirations, your personal circumstances and linking that back to your business.

VAT Optimisation

Making sure that your VAT scheme is right for your business terms and maximising cashflow.

Tax Credits

Specifically, understanding whether your business is eligible for Research & Development Tax Credits. 


How and when you can utilise business expenses for the purpose of legitimately reducing your tax bill. 

Your Accountant

A good accountant should deliver more in tax savings than their fees to you. Is yours performing for you?

Extraction of Value

Optimising salary levels and reviewing pension contributions, loans, dividends and investments. 

Business Assets

Identify any existing or future business assets and capital allowances available to you.

Employee Benefits

Reviewing existing and eligible employee benefits.

Business Structure

Understanding your business structure and the benefits and limitations, as well as share options.

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101 Strategies for Business Owners to Save Tax

There’s nothing wrong with paying your fair share of tax but do you even know what that is and more importantly, how to ensure you don’t pay a penny more? Save Tax may well be the difference between you paying what’s fair and giving ‘til it hurts! Get your copy of 'Save Tax, 101 Strategies for Business Owners' franchise series by Luke Desmond & Harvee Pene.

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