What should you expect from your accountant?


January can be an extremely stressful time for you as a business owner trying to juggle settling back into work after the festive period in combination with potential challenges the New Year brings. Therefore, outsourcing your accountancy can be extremely useful as you have a real-life expert handling your business leaving you to focus on tasks that require your full attention.

We know from personal experience that there are businesses out there who have had terrible experiences whilst outsourcing their accountancy. You might be unaware of the different expectations you should have of your accountant so, in today’s blog, we are going to be discussing this further.

You want an accountant who is pro-active…

For any small business, you want somebody that is going to be proactive in supporting you to grow your business to become the best it can be.

By this, we mean somebody who when working with you, is suggesting new ideas and strategies in order to help you save taxes and grow your business. It is also somebody who is pro-active in setting up meetings ahead of time to ensure that your mind is at ease and there is no rush close to deadlines.

This is something that we do for our clients as we are an extension of their business, and we want them to feel that they are kept in the loop with everything that we do for them.

They will do everything that they can to support you with developing good financial health throughout the whole year, not just when your year-end accounts are due.

You want an accountant who understands your business…

If you have an accountant that is not aware of the vision of your business, then they are probably not a great accountant to have. The work we do adds up in combination with the hard work that you do to build a successful business with healthy cash flow.

For example, if they are not asking you the right questions and have not spent time getting to know you and your business, then how will they ensure the work that they do is of benefit to you and aligns with your goals?

You want an expert…

It is kind of an obvious point to make, but you want someone that knows their stuff. Within any profession, there are people out there that do not operate in the correct manner, and you should always be mindful of this when looking to outsource.

Check qualifications, check reviews, book meetings with each accountant you like the look of, read testimonials, and always look out for any red flags that might show signs working with them could be harder than it needs to be.

You want an accountant with a commercial brain…

Accountancy is about more than tax and accounts.

Yes, that is still a huge part of the role however, we are also here to help you in the real world too. Therefore, having someone look after your business who has a commercial brain is really important. This means that if you do end up seeking advice about running your business, growing your business, or are undecided on different decisions, there is someone that you can rely on to support you.

You want an accountant that becomes a partner…

At Crisp Accountancy, the one thing we pride ourselves in is the partnership that we have with our clients. We always work hard to use a language that you understand and avoid accountancy jargon as much as possible. After all, we are all human beings and it is our job to both educate and support you through your business endeavours. We will always hold you accountable and ask the relevant, tough questions if we feel that it is best for you and your business.

You want outsourcing to be of benefit to your business, not something that is going to consistently leave you feeling worried and nervous for the future. After all, your accountant is taking care of your finances as well as the future of your business and you need to be able to trust them. Therefore, if after reading this blog, you think that your accountant is not living up to the correct standard, why not get in touch with us to see if we can help.