Making your business appealing to investors

Every business has a goal!

Regardless of that goal, having a plan to get there is the most important thing.

If you’re currently reading this, you’re a business owner who wants to take it all the way, create a business with investment and potentially create an exit plan.

So, today we’re talking you through 3 top tips to implement should you want to start building a business that will ultimately attract investors.

Back up your claims

When you make any kind of statement or claim in your pitch deck, it is vital that you have the relevant data and statistics to back them up.

An investor will ultimately ask questions and pull your presentation apart. They’re going to want to know every minor detail, so make sure you are prepared.

Keep your financials up to date

This is something we recommend to all business owners, and we have some great resources to help you which you can find here (ADD LINK).

But this is something especially important when you are looking for an investment as again, your numbers will be questioned time after time.

So, you need to keep them up to date but, you also need to learn them and understand them to be able to present them in the best way. Pay close attention to any large jumps in expenses or margin, these will definitely come up in conversation.

Create a plan

Ideally, an investor will want to know how you intend to spend their money.

This is of course perfectly natural, as they will want to see where they get a return on their investment. So, prepare and ask yourself: Is this is something I really need?

Are you ready for investment?

Bringing outside investment into your business will be a very nerve-wracking process, which is why we want to support you to be in the best position possible.

Whether you choose to raise money through private equity, venture capital, or angel investors, there is a lot to consider.

Talking through your options with accountants who have both a breadth and depth of experience in the process is so important.

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