Accountants For Good Press Release


Last month, the Hertfordshire-based firm, Crisp Accountancy, became one of the first accounting firms in the UK to publicly commit to making our world an even better place. 

And they did that by committing to work with their clients in a brand new way. They become part of a worldwide group of Accountants committed to working together to build a better future for everyone. It’s one of those ‘good news’ stories that comes about as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic too. 

Luke Desmond, CEO, explains it like this: “We saw some really interesting things during the massive workload of the pandemic. We had to spend time making sure our clients saw it through in the very best ways, taking advantage of support packages and so on.” 

“But the thing that really stood out for us was the remarkably different outcomes for those clients with whom we’d been working closely BEFORE the pandemic hit and those where the relationship was just about doing what had to be done from a regulatory point of view.” 

“We saw clearly that those clients committed to lead their businesses in a different ‘purposeful’ way and using us to help them do that are now building even better businesses.’  

“They had a purpose that was bigger than them …. a kind of North Star that was guiding them. And now, as part of Accountants for Good, we’re going be doing that for all our clients.” 

In this case, the ‘north star’ that Luke is referring to are what’s known as The Global Goals or the Sustainable Development Goals — 17 very specific things that we need to do by 2030 to create, quite frankly, an even better world. 

Paul Dunn, the Founder of Accountants for Good expresses it this way: “The Global Goals are a ‘must achieve’ thing, the most important thing about them is it’s NOT Governments signing off on agreements that do it, it’s businesses that actually make it happen. And there’s no professional group like Accountants to make that happen for businesses and our world.” 

“Just as an example of that, companies associated with Accountants for Good have created a staggering 206 Million giving impacts worldwide.” 

Luke pointed out that it’s already clear that purpose-driven companies make more money, have more engaged employees, more loyal customers and are better at innovation and transformational change. “We’re transforming ourselves through this process too and we couldn’t be happier than to doing it with Accountants for Good.” 

Crisp Accountancy is involving the entire community in the initiative. Both new and existing clients of the firm will be able to get a new sense of purpose and connection, helping them differentiate themselves in their markets as well.  

Crisp Accountancy really is setting a superb example of what Accountants should be doing with their clients and what it means to become an Accountant for Good creating lots of Businesses for Good along the way.